Sunday, December 4, 2011

Come to the end...soon

Soon the second semester comes to the end. It is quite hard for me to balance myself in my life, i wanted to use "in between", but later i found that this word not so suitable to use. The better word should be "among". i have to balance myself among my two children, house work, my work in school, when things comes to year end and became busier, i also handle a small group of tuition class for once a week, house work. All this could drag me like dragging by a lorry, i trying so hard as i am lying back down on the road to stand up, but i can't stop, just keep it on and keep it on. All along the way, i may not be a perfect mum, i may not perform perfectly on my job, even house work. Luckily all along this way , i have my lovely parents, my helpful and supportive hubby, a group of true friend around. Thanks. Thanks god for everythings that u prepare for me.

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